Sunday, July 5, 2015

Leave A Legacy

Today I want to share my tile on the Leave A Legacy plaques at the entrance of Epcot.  It was a chance for me and my sister to leave a little piece of ourselves at Disney; one of our favorite places!

As soon as you enter EPCOT, the large granite towers greet you as you enter Future World.  Our picture is a part of those special memories, photos, dedications among those who want to preserve their love of Walt Disney World and be a part of history.

Just as the Leave A Legacy tiles tell a do the memories we create when we send cards, especially handwritten cards!  Our handwriting is a part of our legacy, it is a piece of ourselves that we leave behind.  Just as recipe cards were written out on lined note-cards from our grandparents homemade coconut cream our journaling and well wishes written in scrapbooks and letters.....those are legacies that we all keep and treasure!

 I can tell you that my Mom and Dad's handwriting is special to me; it is a piece of their legacy that I will always have when I keep their handwriting from a lunch box note, a Happy Birthday card, and/or other notes tucked in here and there. 

What will your Legacy be?!

Happy Stamping!
Kari Downing Reese

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