Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Handstamped Cards

It seems with today's technology, that sending tweets, emails, text messages, snapchats, and the like...are replacing the handwritten note.  We can't lose sight of how powerful a handwritten note, sent by snail mail, to a friend/family member/neighbor/etc, can be!

Imagine opening up your mailbox and not just pulling out the usual flyers, credit card offerings and those pesky bills but a handwritten, handstamped card addressed to YOU in a cute/colorful envelope!

Whether it's a birthday card, a thank you card, or a thinking of you card, those are special tokens of friendship and love that should be treasured and duplicated more often.  So get out your cardstock, your stickers, your embellishments, your stamps, your ink and your glue....and get crafty!!

Check out my photos below of me mailing extra special birthday cards to some extra special friends from Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom!  Yes, that's right!  You can SNAIL MAIL from the Magic Kingdom!!!  I LOVE doing this when I visit the park!

Happy Stamping!
Kari Downing Reese


  1. I love getting and receiving mail. A friend of mine sends me cards she makes all the time.

    1. That is awesome! I love sending cards to people for special occasions but also when they least expect it (a just because)!