Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthday Fun

My four day birthday weekend was a blast! How exiciting it was to receive this card in the mail from Stampin' Up! wishing me a happy birthday with a special message inside. I love being a demonstrator!

Next up, presents from my co-workers....the book, The Help; Dirty Dancing movie (classic), candy, popcorn and a movie theater gift card to boot! :)

My most FAVORITE gift of course was the charm bracelet I got from Michael. How thoughtful he was to add a kitty for my cat, Sassy, a cruise ship for the cruise I went on with my mom in November 2010, and my favorite color of all time, turquioise beads!

Some greek dinner at Acropolis; my first dinner there.

Margaritas at Luna's; an AWESOME Mexican restaurant in Brandon, Florida! Yum-o!

And top it all off with some Menchies yogurt!!! They have 16 flavors that rotate from time to time and about 30 or so different toppings ranging from sweet to salty to fruit to syrups. The best part is, you get to control how much and how many you add. SWEET!

Thanks for stopping by!! :)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Hey peeps, are you guys still there?! :) September is a great month; the fall season, pumpkin flavored bagels, and my Birthday!! Looking forward to a long weekend celebrating my birthday! I have four days to play; not sure what the plans are yet; definitely have to get some crafting squeezed in! I will be sure to have pictures posted of my fun weekend. :)