Sunday, July 5, 2015

Leave A Legacy

Today I want to share my tile on the Leave A Legacy plaques at the entrance of Epcot.  It was a chance for me and my sister to leave a little piece of ourselves at Disney; one of our favorite places!

As soon as you enter EPCOT, the large granite towers greet you as you enter Future World.  Our picture is a part of those special memories, photos, dedications among those who want to preserve their love of Walt Disney World and be a part of history.

Just as the Leave A Legacy tiles tell a do the memories we create when we send cards, especially handwritten cards!  Our handwriting is a part of our legacy, it is a piece of ourselves that we leave behind.  Just as recipe cards were written out on lined note-cards from our grandparents homemade coconut cream our journaling and well wishes written in scrapbooks and letters.....those are legacies that we all keep and treasure!

 I can tell you that my Mom and Dad's handwriting is special to me; it is a piece of their legacy that I will always have when I keep their handwriting from a lunch box note, a Happy Birthday card, and/or other notes tucked in here and there. 

What will your Legacy be?!

Happy Stamping!
Kari Downing Reese

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Paper Pumpkin monthly kit

Are you looking for a quick, easy way to craft....but don't have time, space, or know where to start?  Wanna know how to create on-the-go with something that is convenient, affordable, and FUN?!  I have GOT to let you guys know about Paper Pumpkin!  

Paper Pumpkin is a monthly kit subscription that arrives to your's a magical crafting escape....your fairy paper godmother.....ready for you to create!  Supplies included, even instructions, with paper already cut, prepped and die-cut.   Kits include EXCLUSIVE stamps that you can use to create other projects.  

Creativity in a you can skip to the fun!

*Easy, ready to assemble projects right at your fingertips
*Only $19.95 a month + tax (Shipping Included)
*No commitment; can cancel or hold subscription at anytime
*Can purchase additional kits and refills

Don't you just love HAPPY MAIL in a CUTE red box!

Take a PEEK inside the June 2015 kit:

As a subscriber under Kari Reese (yours truly), you will receive these Paper Pumpkin Perks:
Kari's Paper Pumpkin Subscriber Perks
*a FREE Snail adhesive tape runner
*extra cards used in a creative way
*decorated stamp case to hold your stamps

To get your very own red Paper Pumpkin box delivered to your mailbox, Check It Out and Sign Up here: Paper Pumpkin

Happy Stamping!
Kari Downing Reese

Friday, July 3, 2015

Stamping 101

Making a handmade card is an expression of creativity; there are no wrong ways to make, create, stamp, and/or design a card.  The sky is the limit and your imagination can give you multiple ideas to create!

Many times I am asked "What do I need to get started?"  It's simple, really.  You need a stamp set, an ink pad, cardstock and glue.  Of course, you will also need a really awesome trimmer to cut your cardstock and I can't say enough glowing remarks about the Stampin' Up! trimmer!  But, I digress.

My best advice is to pick a stamp set that you love, that has images and greetings that inspire you to create with.  Sometimes picking two stamp sets works; one with images and another with greetings....or use WORK OF ART (in the image above) of my favorites from the catalog!!

Next, pick ink colors that YOU love; start with two colors to get started.  You can't go wrong picking a black or a brown for greetings and a color for the other stamped images.

The great thing with Stampin' Up! products is that their colors coordinate with all of their products.  It takes all of the guesswork out of matching.  The ink and the cardstock are the exact color; so stick with the color that you picked for your stamped images....and of course, pick Whisper White cardstock as a basic natural color.

Last, but not least, we need something to hold the project together: Glue!  Whether it is liquid glue, double sided tape, dimensionals, glue dots, or a tape runner.....this is a basic need to hold our projects together!

There you go...a basic "toolkit" (if you will) that will give you an A++ in Stamping 101    

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Happy Stamping!
Kari Downing Reese

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Handstamped Cards

It seems with today's technology, that sending tweets, emails, text messages, snapchats, and the like...are replacing the handwritten note.  We can't lose sight of how powerful a handwritten note, sent by snail mail, to a friend/family member/neighbor/etc, can be!

Imagine opening up your mailbox and not just pulling out the usual flyers, credit card offerings and those pesky bills but a handwritten, handstamped card addressed to YOU in a cute/colorful envelope!

Whether it's a birthday card, a thank you card, or a thinking of you card, those are special tokens of friendship and love that should be treasured and duplicated more often.  So get out your cardstock, your stickers, your embellishments, your stamps, your ink and your glue....and get crafty!!

Check out my photos below of me mailing extra special birthday cards to some extra special friends from Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom!  Yes, that's right!  You can SNAIL MAIL from the Magic Kingdom!!!  I LOVE doing this when I visit the park!

Happy Stamping!
Kari Downing Reese